The Danger Of Short-Term Opportunities

Sometimes as Entreprenuers we get side tracked with projects that don’t compliment our primary business but are still interesting & lucrative.  Do you proceed?  Or do we stick to focusing on our core business?   Continue reading


Finding Inspiration for Your Blog Name

This was very insightful. Especially to someone who is new to the world of blogging. Choosing the right name for your blog is extremely important.  It is your first and sometimes last impression.

The Daily Post

Bloggers on Choosing Their Names:

Q&As with users on how they selected their blog names.

Where’s My Toothbrush? and Raising My Rainbow

Talking Covers

Museum in a Bottle

The Goat That Wrote

Bring Me the Head of David Dixon

She’s a Maineiac

The Importance of Being Serbian

Paper and Salt

Sass & Balderdash

Your blog name is one of the first things that readers notice about your site. Your name tells visitors what your blog is about, but also reveals a bit about you and your personality. If you’re a new blogger, fresh out of Blogging U., you might still be pondering the perfect blog name. But even bloggers who’ve had their sites for several years may consider a name change, for different reasons (a shift in subject, a sharper focus, or something else).

I offered tips on selecting a name a few years ago, and I think many of…

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Exuma National Family Island Party Boats!





Don’t miss the biggest regatta of the year.  Bahamas Ferries will be providing Party Boats into Georgetown Exuma where there will be five days of sailing featuring Bahamian native sloops – Classes A, B, C, D, and E. This tradition started in 1954 and today it is one of the oldest regattas in The Islands of The Bahamas. Venue is beautiful Elizabeth Harbour in George Town.  The National Family Island Regatta is considered the Superbowl of all Regattas.

Contacts: Mr. Danny Strachan / (242) 336-3766 or Mr. Ken “Iceman” McPhee / (242) 524-0865

exumaregattarevised exuma-bahamas-weather-radar